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May 13, 2013 6:55pm PDT
,... ( cheers and applause ). excuse me a moment. oh, hi there. i'm just trying out my new google glasses. i had to make my own because sergey brin, the cofounder of google, didn't send me a pair. no big deal. these work just as well. google glasses. what's four plus four? ( cheers and applause ). i can't see the answer because i don't have my glasses on. serious design flaw. you see, sergey brin hails from the subject of the 69th installment of my 343-part series better know a district. tonight maryland fourth, the fightin' fourth. ( cheers and applause ). the fourth is the first black sub urban district in the country making it is the jackie robinson of never returning your neighbor's we'dwacker. it is also the first suburb ever to be pulled over by the cops. maryland's fourth also houses andrews air force base, home to the president's jum be jet air force one although after sequester cuts it's been downgraded to honda civic force once. maryland's fourth also includes fed-ex field home of the washington redskins, the most offensive tame in professional sports other than the ariz
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1